Saturday, October 3, 2009

I"m falling in love with my new neighbourhood, and today was one of those winding, romantic days that often follow a night out and that brought me and my new beloved 'hood closer together.
A few memories:

Brightly dressed kids! And men in suits getting out of cars everywhere. A dressy birthday? Well, we did see balloons on one corner but it was the wedding that everyone was suited up for. Bagpipes and we were metres away from the processsional: bride in cocktail white and pretty veiled hat, two girls and a guy.
And htey got married right there, at the intersection I don't even know the name of yet.

And just now, as the bells of St. Francis of Assisi ring six o'clock, a trio of tweenies in orange, paper plate masks. Heading to the festival at the Patrick John Mills gallery, likely Yay Hintonburg!

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Erika said...

Hi Dayanti,

Just stopping by to say "hello" and to let you know that I love the kind of day that you're talking about in this post...especially in autumn.

It was great to meet you at the festival and I hope to bump into you again!

(also: keeping my eyes peeled for your new website!)

Have a great day,